Week In Review: Annoyance and Nudity

Week In Review: Annoyance and Nudity

Were you annoyed by anti-World Youth Day T-shirts this week? Gearing up for the Tour de France? Or simply excited about Nicole Kidman's first child with Keith Urban? Check out the top stories on SBS World News Australia Online this week.


World Youth Day has been splattered across the front pages of most news outlets this week, including this one.

However the coverage has been far from favourable for the Catholic Church and WYD organisers. Earlier this week the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, claimed he didn't deliberately mislead a victim of sexual assault, after allegations emerged he erroneously dismissed a complaint made against a Catholic Priest.

In a statement, the leading Catholic cleric said he had sent a letter to the victim, Anthony Jones, that was “badly worded and a mistake” and any fault in the drafting of the letter was his.

Cardinal Pell admitted he made an 'innocent error' but refused any suggestions that he should stand down as head of the Catholic Church in Australia.

But it was the 'anti-annoyance' laws for WYD that got the most clicks from SBS Online viewers, with a story on the Top 10 anti WYD T-shirt slogans among the top 10 most viewed articles.

We can't list them all here, but among our favourites are:

– “And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who wear t-shirts that cause annoyance or inconvenience…”

– World Youth Day: You can cross yourself, but not the city

The 'annoying' NoToPope Coalition held a fashion parade in Sydney. While it was far from fashion, the 'models' paraded outside State Parliament with more colourful anti-Pope slogans.

VIDEO: WYD protest hits Sydney

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With surging petrol prices hitting our back pocket (and making the blood boil in the case some motorists) the CSIRO reckons Australians could end up paying $8 a litre by 2018.

In a study entitled Fuel for Thought, the organisation says increased demand for petrol and dwindling supplies could see Australians paying an extra $220 a week to run their cars.

Find out more about the food and fuel crisis.

And climate change was a hot topic at the G8 Summit where world leaders agreed to cut carbon emissions by at least 50 per cent by 2050.

But Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the commitment on fighting climate change was not strong enough.

“The challenge will be great and there is no great breakthrough at this particular meeting,” Rudd said

The issue of child pornography also made it back into the top headlines this week, with child protection activists again calling for clearer laws to stop naked images of children being presented as art, after a photo of a six-year-old girl appeared on the cover of an art magazine.

Have your say: Nude child photos: art or exploitation?

Entertainment and sport also topped the news agenda this week, with Hollywood glamour girl Nicole Kidman announcing the birth of her first child with hubby Keith Urban.

The baby girl was born in Nashville Tennesee on Monday morning, and has been affectionately named Sunday Rose Kidman Urban.

Kidman, who turned 41 in June has two adopted children, Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13, with former husband, Tom Cruise.

We've also donned the black and gold here at SBS with the Tour de France season. We're providing round the clock coverage of the world's most famous cycling extravaganza here.

Highlights: Tour de France

And we round off the week with a couple of stories from the lighter side of life.

Straight from the category 'Only in America' comes the story of a Florida shopper getting more bang for his buck after being bitten by a deadly rattlesnake in the local Walmart store.

The 30cm-long snake was hiding among leaves in the store's gardening section, when it took a bite out of the man's arm.

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While we all know rugby is one of New Zealand's favourite passtimes, fans of the country's Toyota Grassroots rugby program got the shock of their lives this week.

Human error saw the station accidentally mix signals and transmit four minutes of porn from Sky TV's pay-per-view 'Spice' channel. Prime Television spokesman Tony O'Brien said technicians established there was a mix-up in the distribution process and that the network apologised for any offence caused, Newstalk ZB reported.

What makes me think most rugby fans wouldn't have minded so much?