Into 2007: Karla’s comments

Into 2007: Karla’s comments

One can now only wonder what the Federal Government will have in store for Indigenous Australians and whether any real changes for the better will occur from such radical moves.


There’s no doubt it has highlighted the plight of Indigenous people in this country but the question remains as to whether this is a genuine long term commitment by the Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough to address something Aboriginal people have been screaming out about for years or is it as many people suggest, an election stunt in order to point score with the Australian public or is it a land grab to take control of Aboriginal land for mining purposes and the dumping of nuclear waste?

These and many questions will be addressed in the up coming new series of Living Black. Returning on Wednesday 5th September at 6pm for another 13 week series, our intrepid Video Journalists are currently travelling the length and breadth of the country to bring you up to date and in depth coverage on the work of the Federal Government’s Emergency Indigenous Taskforce and the teams travelling into Northern Territory communities. We will also investigate child sexual abuse in Western Australian Aboriginal communities and how this is being tackled.

And in the lead up to the Federal election, the team will bring you stories on the issues facing Indigenous Australians today as well as good news on stories of achievement and success from Indigenous Australia.

Let me know what your views are on the Federal Government’s controversial moves and on the hot topics you think will emerge in relation to Indigenous affairs in the lead up to the Federal election.

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Mr Guy

Blackburn-North, Australia

Australians are matured now in politics and cannot be fooled any longer. First it was the Tempa issue and now Dr Anefi just for political gains.

Miss Jackie MacNamara

Townsville, Australia

It’s great to see the government interested in stopping child sexual abuse.

However land permits should be not included as part of the Intervention Plan into child sex abuse and are a convenient add-on in my opinion.

Another interesting point is that for years this issue has been continually raised and is only “addressed” (temporarily) when there is an upcoming election.

Mr Earl Morrall

Melbourne, Australia

Yes this problem had to be stop sooner or later its been going on to long its about time someone put a stop to this matter regardless of race or colour.

Mr Derek Denton

Melbourne, Australia

I think the proof of the interventions worth will be in the detail and how it is managed.

Your comments are welcome here We’ll be publishing your thoughts throughout the week.